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Archives - Sketcher Consulting
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31 Aug

Association Leaders: Losing members?

 Are your membership numbers decreasing? Not sure what to do? There are several factors that could influence the decline of membership. Associations were introduced as far back at the 1800s where individuals would come together...

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01 Jun

Advocacy: whose responsibility is it?

Advocacy, whose responsibility is it? Many not for profit organizations struggle with this question. Whose responsibility is it to advocate on behalf of the profession? Is the responsibility of the Executive Director/CEO or the staff...

Commercial now airing!

Commerical now live on CTV in Nova Scotia!

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06 May

Great work with the Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboboratory Technologists (NSCMLT)

The MLT's at South Shore Regional Hospital were natural actors during our commercial photo shoot this past weekend. Great work with Format Films.