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Bio - Sketcher Consulting

Michelle HoadMichelle Hoad offers over 20 years of experience working in both the profit and not for profit sectors with a focus on marketing and communications.


Prior to starting Sketcher Consulting, Michelle held the position of Director of Marketing, Membership and Communications with the (CSMLS) Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science. This position managed various portfolios including, Marketing, Communications, Advocacy and Learning focused on providing member services to over 15,000 association members across Canada.


Michelle’s for profit experience included various senior leadership positions within the Financial and Software Sector within the areas of education, organizational development, marketing, communications and software implementation.


“I created Sketcher Consulting, because there are so many businesses that need help, and can’t afford to have someone on staff or don’t have the resources to dedicate someone currently employed, to handling the task of marketing and communications. As a business owner you are required to wear so many hats, that when your company’s growth doesn’t proceed as planned, you are busy doing so many other things that you can’t see the problems, let alone propose solutions.  At Sketcher Consulting we provide you with a fresh perspective to help get you back on track.


“In the association world, many organizations are required and expected to provide value based member services with limited resources.  These solutions require creativity. At Sketcher Consulting we can guide you through various options to make your limited resources go a long way. Whether it’s help in writing a press release or the need for a complex marketing plan, we can help.”


Michelle graduated from Seneca College, in Marketing and Business Administration and is a (CAE) Certified Association Executive. She recently had one of her articles published in the CAE magazine http://www.csae.com/Resources/ArticlesTools/View/ArticleId/1414/Communications-Evolution-How-One-73-year-old-Organization-Moved-with-the-Times.


She has been an invited guest speaker at various national education events, including the (NSCMLT) Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists and the (BCSLS) British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science. Her speaking topics include: The Creation of an Advocacy Campaign, Coaching for Performance and Surviving in a World Dominated by Social Media.


She is an avid fitness enthusiast, having competed in over 15 Subaru Triathlons.  Michelle currently is a certified Fitness Instructor (FIS) with CANFITPRO (The Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals) teaching Spinning and providing one on one fitness advice for clients in her spare time.